Hi, I’m Natalie I’m a digital artist/illustrator, surface pattern designer and writer. I’m here because I’m ready to pivot into the unknown and start creating work inspired by the things I value and love in life – the natural world, activism and popular culture. There are themes and stories I will weave into my work that I hope will raise awareness of messages I think are important (I’ll expand on them in the blog coming soon).

A brief summary of my work life so far…

First job after Uni: here I learnt the basics of Adobe Creative Cloud software and decided I wanted to work in design and needed to do some extra training in order to make that happen. Cut to…

New York for 6 months: I trained at Shillington Design school, built my portfolio and had an adventure living in the big apple!

Natalie with the New York skyline about to start her design training

2019: Moved to Edinburgh for my first design job at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – a dream come true!

Moved to London to live with a best friend and started working in advertising specialising in mobile ads at Mobkoi

2021: Muddled through the pandemic into a new relationship, a new home and a new set of skills in surface pattern design and illustration that I’m ready to turn into my own business.